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Welcome to the New You

WELCOME TO THE NEW YOU WELCOME TO THE NEW YOU So… you’re ready to actually lose weight, conquer your cravings, and improve your life. I’ll assume making excuses no longer soothes the inner voice telling you that something has to change. I’ll assume you don’t want to spend your life (and money) bouncing from physician, to specialist, […]

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Weight Loss

There are two components to a successful weight loss regime: losing the pounds and keeping them off. Trendy diets that involve appetite suppression, or even starvation may work in the short term – but it’s only a false start. Like a good golf or tennis swing, losing the weight is only the first step at […]

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A NATURAL PATH TO BETTER HEALTH The Toronto Naturopathic Clinic is a unique complementary medicine clinic. We integrate the modern scientific advances of Western medicine with the traditional healing arts to provide you with the highest quality solutions to your health needs. Our services are primarily oriented towards those looking to improve overall health and […]

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