• Fucus Similiaplex (Iodine)

  • Migrenopas


    MigrenopasĀ® is a homeopathic remedy for headaches and migraines. Made from homeopathic ingredients of iris, gelsemium, cyclamen, and paris quadrifolia,

  • Pancreatinum


    Pancreatinum is a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of pancreatic insufficiency, dyspepsia, dysfunction of the liver and gall bladder, disorders of the intestinal tract related to poor digestion.

  • Quassia Simiplex (Liver)


    The liver filters for toxins. Quassia Similiaplex supports the liver, pancreas, and digestive tract for detoxification and elimination.

  • RheumaPasc


    Rheuma-Pasc is a homeopathic remedy for alleviating chronic muscle and joint pain.