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Three Depression-Taming Recipes

Depression is partly phenomenological (relating to direct experience instead of abstract conceptions) and partly biochemical. Both systems influence each other in a feedback loop, meaning both systems can act as cause and symptom. For example, if you’re seeing a therapist to no avail, ask about supplements (but avoid pharmaceuticals, unless they’re absolutely necessary). And if you’re […]

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Fatigue: How to Lift the Lead Blanket

Fatigue: Is an incredibly vague symptom, and therefore has few to no statistics. Is a not-so-subtle, phenomenological shift that your mind normalizes as a coping mechanism. Tends to be misdiagnosed as depression, leading to incorrect treatment, leaving the real problem unresolved. Can be treated. Persistent fatigue is not human beings’ natural state of existence Occasional exhaustion […]

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A-PRP: What, Where, and How

Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma (A-PRP) therapy is simultaneously the safest example of biology’s self-improving essence, and the most accessible tool in mesotherapy’s rejuvenation arsenal. Mesotherapy Little, rarely, and in the right place. That is the principle of mesotherapy treatments: a technique going back over 50 years to French physician, Dr. Michel Pistor. Traditionally, mesotherapy involved injections […]

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