Weight Loss

Palm-side right hand triumphantly grips a fork, tines running from the tip of the thumb

There are two components to a successful weight loss regime: losing the pounds and keeping them off. Trendy diets that involve appetite suppression, or even starvation may work in the short term – but it’s only a false start. Like a good golf or tennis swing, losing the weight is only the first step at a successful shot. A strong start must have a consistent follow through – it’s the only way to get results.

Each person is an individual, and as such, the doctors at Toronto Naturopathic Clinic design a safe and effective lifestyle tailored to your unique needs.

Dr. Elena Krasnov (N.D) will identify the path right for you and give you the tools to walk down it. And while we can’t promise you’ll never again gaze longingly at the next Krispy Kreme to cross your patch, we can promise to pick you up if you fall down.

We believe that the body does not have to a curse – everyone’s body can be a blessing. We are dedicated to working with you to achieve long lasting results through stable, sustainable weight loss.

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