Weight Loss

There are two components to a successful weight loss regime: losing the pounds and keeping them off. Trendy diets that involve appetite suppression, or even starvation may work in the short term – but it’s only a false start. Like a good golf or tennis swing, losing the weight is only the first step at a successful shot. A good follow through is what will carry your weight loss efforts to their end. The follow through is a healthy life-style change that will carry you to your healthy, happy life.

Each person is an individual, and as such, the doctors at Toronto Naturopathic Clinic design a safe and effective intermittent fasting program tailored to your unique needs. Studies in mice have shown that intermittent fasting improves learning & memory and slows down the brain’s aging process.

One technique universal to patients is a fatty tissue toxin flush. Our environment is saturated with fat-soluble toxins that enter your body and stay there. As the weight loss process ramps up, the fat cells in your body break down and the toxins are released. And so, as you loss weight, it is important to flush these toxins out of your body before they do you harm.

Upon your first arrival at Toronto Naturopathy Clinic, you will have an initial consultation with Dr. Elena Krasnov to find the path right for you. We believe that every person has the right to a healthy body, and we are dedicated to working with you to achieve long lasting results through moderate and stable weight loss.