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Keto Diet, Meet Intermittent Fasting

The science behind ketosis (the basis of the keto diet) is rather simple: when we fast, our livers turn fatty acids into ketone bodies. These ketone bodies then replace glucose as the body’s energy source. This process is called ketosis. What is the keto diet? Given the process of ketosis, the keto diet, then, revolves […]

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The Obesity Epidemic and Holiday Feasts

An overabundance of food and a sedentary lifestyle makes obesity an epidemic we’ve brought upon ourselves. An average of 39.6% of North American adults are obese; a number that’s been steadily climbing steadily for the past 20 years. The toughest part of battling this statistic is an inability to focus on a single origin because […]

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"Success; go get it" written in chalk on a blackboard

Healthy living from the inside out

  The secrets to healthy living are no secret. Even mentioning them in 2018 feels redundant. Eat less junk, more vegetables, and move around often. It’s solid advice that’s remained consistent for longer than homo sapiens have roamed the plains. However, actually living that way has become harder since the industrial revolution traded physical labour […]

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Fats: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Fats have gotten a bad reputation in the past 60-odd years with government agencies telling us to swap fats for carbs with the notoriously inaccurate and incorrect food pyramid, built on unscientific foundations. And that’s before “food” companies exploited our desire to be fit by selling the skinny lifestyle with “low-fat” this and “zero calories” […]

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