Thorough Assessment

To develop a deep understanding of your body’s condition, we take a detailed case history, conduct a semi-physical exam, and perform extensive testing. Our specialists use the most advanced technology and testing methods. Some of the tests you may need include:

Serum Candida Antibody
Food Sensitives
Organ Malfunction and Weakness
Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency
Biological Terrain Assessment (BTA)
Accurate Diagnosis

Our thorough testing practices and extensive experience enable us to make a precise and accurate diagnosis. This diagnosis reflects the root cause of your health troubles, addressing any deficiencies, imbalances, and weaknesses.

Effective Treatment

Understanding your body’s needs, we develop a customized program for you, using top quality natural substances and treatments to achieve fast, safe, and effective results. Our methods include:

Botanical Medicine
Homeopathic Medicine
Nutritional Therapy
Naturopathic Manipulation
EIS (Electro Interstitial Scan)
Chelation Therapy
IM/IV Therapy

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