IV for Hangover

Hi there welcome to my new health blog.

With Halloween fast approaching, a lot of you are going to be partying and if you are over 19, most likely will have a few drinks during the next week or so to go along with all the treats.

I have decided to start my blogging adventure by sharing some quick hang over secrets with you.

Most already know, dehydration is often involved, but just drinking extra water is not enough.  Symptoms such as headache,  nausea and digestive upset are caused by inflammation due to acetaldehyde toxicity and frequently due to acute alcohol withdrawal.  Although it is true that if you drink a glass of water after every 2 drinks or so it will help you.

If you have partied past your bedtime and have to go to work the next day and be able to function, intravenous vitamin/mineral drip will put you back together very quickly.  In under 45 minutes you will be  “as good as new”. Call the clinic at 416-944-3526 for your “quick fix”