Eyelid Twitch

Have you ever had this- out of the blue, the bottom of your eyelid just start twitching. It drives you absolutely crazy. It can start any time: when you are talking to someone, in the middle of sleeping or watching TV.

I had one patient who gets the twitch after she falls asleep, this in turn wakes her up and it happened every night for months. She then had a lot of trouble falling back to sleep because the twitching would go on for hours. She was a real mess in the morning.

The medical term for this is Blepharospasm. It is the result of spontaneous fine contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle. Most of the time it involves the lower lid but occasionally upper eyelids.

The real cause is unknown. But the condition can be associated with:

*stress *fatigue
*insomnia *allergies
*nutrition deficiency *caffeine
*eyestrain *alcohol
*dry eyes

What kind of treatments are available. Conventional medicine has several:

Drug Therapy- results are unreliable and short term, according to National Eye Institute only works 15% of the time.

BOTOX- its your choice.

Surgery- rarely suggested by doctors.

Relaxation & Stress Management- that’s common sense.

The treatment I offer takes on the average 3 sessions at 30 minutes each. Using 2 acupuncture needles at strategically placed points. These points are nowhere near your eyes, they are safe and painless. The success rate is very high. Obviously, if one can identify the trigger such as caffeine or alcohol, then one must avoid them.

Its unbelievable how a little muscle spasm can cause so many people so much suffering. And many eye specialists have no answer for it. But you don’t have to suffer, the solution is practically under your nose.