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Three Depression-Taming Recipes

  Depression is partly phenomenological (relating to direct experience instead of abstract conceptions) and partly biochemical. Both systems influence each other in a feedback loop, meaning both systems can act as cause and symptom. For example, if you’re seeing a therapist to no avail, ask about supplements (but avoid pharmaceuticals, unless they’re absolutely necessary). And if […]

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Fatigue: How to Lift the Lead Blanket

Fatigue: Is an incredibly vague symptom, and therefore has few to no statistics. Is a not-so-subtle, phenomenological shift that your mind normalizes as a coping mechanism. Tends to be misdiagnosed as depression, leading to incorrect treatment, leaving the real problem unresolved. Can be treated. Persistent fatigue is not human beings’ natural state of existence Occasional exhaustion […]

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Healthy Living and Prosperity

“Healthy living” is a dense statement with a meaning deeper than going for a walk and avoiding fast food. Healthy living is existing harmoniously at the intersection of body and mind. In other words, it’s keeping your biological machine well-oiled and loving the journey it’s on. Frankly, life is too short to live in mediocrity […]

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A-PRP: What, Where, and How

Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma (A-PRP) therapy is simultaneously the safest example of biology’s self-improving essence, and the most accessible tool in mesotherapy’s rejuvenation arsenal. Mesotherapy Little, rarely, and in the right place. That is the principle of mesotherapy treatments: a technique going back over 50 years to French physician, Dr. Michel Pistor. Traditionally, mesotherapy involved injections […]

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Tests: Introducing You to You

Everyone wants to be healthy and, generally speaking, we know how to do so. However, doctors can only find the key to lasting health by looking inside you. Literally. Paving your path of least resistance to well-being requires information about how your body interacts with itself and its environment. Unfortunately, getting this information involves the […]

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The Obesity Epidemic and Holiday Feasts

An overabundance of food and a sedentary lifestyle makes obesity an epidemic we’ve brought upon ourselves. An average of 39.6% of North American adults are obese; a number that’s been steadily climbing steadily for the past 20 years. The toughest part of battling this statistic is an inability to focus on a single origin because […]

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Healthy living from the inside out

The secrets to healthy living are no secret. Even mentioning them in 2018 feels redundant. Eat less junk, more vegetables, and move around often. It’s solid advice that’s remained consistent for longer than homo sapiens have roamed the plains. However, actually living that way has become harder since the industrial revolution traded physical labour for […]

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Meal Planning like a Pro

Meal planning is an aptly named technique that simplifies the refueling of your metaphorical tank. As fun as walking into a grocery store and letting your heart lead you to dinner is (for those who like cooking, anyway), daily grocery shopping just isn’t feasible when 5pm rolls around, the last coffee’s magic has worn off, […]

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Thyroid’s Philorganic Organism

The thyroid: it’s that butterfly-shaped gland at the front of your throat regulating the rate at which you live. Or in more technical terms, your metabolic rate – the conversion of oxygen and carbohydrates to energy. Think of it this way: if your brain is what manages the on/off of your organism, the thyroid is […]

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